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The Saudi Vision 2030 aims to elevate the level of Kingdom’s prosperity through economic diversification which will lead to the creation of value-added business opportunities. The Asharqia Chamber proactively strives to search for new avenues for investments, industries and technology transfer.
There are various types of business cooperation available to foreign companies for establishing in Saudi Arabia such as factories, agencies, franchises, joint ventures and branches.
All foreign companies listed on the website are registered through the commercial attachés of the foreign embassies operating in the Kingdom or through official trade delegations that visit the Asharqia Chamber.

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Links to bidding portals and investment opportunities in the largest government agencies and sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Vision 2030 is a bold yet achievable blueprint for an ambitious nation. It expresses our long-term goals and expectations and it is built upon our country’s unique strengths and capabilities. It guides our aspirations towards a new phase of development – to create a vibrant society in which all citizens can fulfill their dreams, hopes and ambitions to succeed in a thriving economy.

To achieve the Vision’s objectives, the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA) has created 13 Vision Realization Programs (VRPs) mandated to translate the Vision into measurable delivery plans led by robust governance, diligent planning, focused execution, and a powerful delivery culture.

To follow vision progress on the official website please visit this link: Vision Progress .

Investing for the Future

The ongoing privatization of state-owned assets, including leading companies, property and other assets, will bring in new and more diverse revenues for the Saudi government. To achieve our ambition of making the Public Investment Fund the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, we are increasing the efficiency of the Public Investment fund’s management with the aim of improving its return on investment while diversifying our government resources and economy. Rather than compete with the private sector, the Public Investment Fund is now helping to unlock strategic sectors requiring intensive capital inputs.

This will contribute towards developing entirely new economic sectors and establishing durable national corporations. We are also maximizing our investment capabilities by taking equity in large international companies and emerging technologies from around the world. In parallel, we are developing a mature capital market to further drive investment and spur economic growth. This includes offering a wider range of financial instruments including derivatives, facilitating the process of listing private Saudi companies and state-owned enterprises, including Aramco, deepening liquidity in our capital markets and fortifying the role of the debt market.

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